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Running messenger-service.exe with Windows2k server

I did a search on this topic but i didn’'t find good answer except someone referring a third party software to execute application as a service who is not a good solution if I can find a cleaner solution.

Is there any protection in Server version of windows who block the install of new services?

I successfully setup my IM Jive Messenger server on a Windows XP profesionnal. But i’‘m going to move it to a Windows 2000 Server but I can’'t get the messenger-service.exe working.

Is there anything different from Windows XP to windows 2000 server?

I can run the graphical and console application without error and the client can connect to it.

The messenger-service.exe application start wait 5 second and close without output. No service added in the services list like I had in Windows XP.

Sorry Guys, Delete this Post

Sorry to waste your time on this, It was all my error.

I forgot one step about installing the service with messenger-service.exe /install i was doing only messenger-service.exe without argument.

By the way i could profit this error to suggest to introduce a default output if you don’'t specify argument : like the list of possible argument and if you do /h or /help or /? it gives the help output listing all possible argument.

I would had save a lot of time (and i would had save the time if i reread the doc before asking here).

Sorry again, and i hope my error will profit someonelse