Running multiple instances of the same plugin, is it possible?

Hello all,

This is related to my earlier post regarding converting e-mail to IM’s. There is a plugin called emaillistener.jar that will basically do what I am wanting, but only if I can have it running in multiple instances. The existing plugin will only monitor one e-mail account.

But if I can run multiple instances of the plugin, then I can use each instance to monitor different e-mail accounts. Is this possible? If the Jar file is renamed will that work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Wayne Campbell

Hi Wayne,

Unfortunately, renaming the plugin jar file won’t work. The plugin sets and uses a number of properties that are stored within Openfire, so if you made multiple copies of the plugin they’d all be accessing the same property values. However, with a bit of work it would be possible to alter the existing Email Listener plugin to handle multiple mailboxes.

Hope that helps,

Yeah, with a bit of work from someone who actually knows something about java, I’m sure it would be pretty simple… I’m not that guy unfortunately. It would be a awesome plugin though with a lot of potential uses…

Anyone Interested?