Running Multiple Spark Sessions

Hi guys,

We use spark at our Service Desk and have multiple chat rooms for different things. There’s about 3-4 chatrooms and roughly 25-30 people using them, lots of things going on at the same time.

The problem is that there’s really only 1 chat room that is “important” to be aware of constantly, it’s used for us to communicate major outtages or to look for confirmation that multiple people are getting the same calls for the same issue.

The other chat rooms are used for helping newbies / chit chat / other things that are not “important” for me to be aware of at all times.

I would like to have our “important” chatroom open in a separate window so that I could know that something important is going on without having to actually go into spark. rather than having to check every few seconds when the generic spark icon starts flashing for anything ( which 95% of the time doesn’t concern me, but i still have to check** incase** it’s something “important”).

It would be nice to have multiple spark sessions running or have the chat rooms themselves be separate windows ( not just separate tabs within 1 spark window ) so that we could know where the action is without actually having to open up spark.


There is a long standing highly voted feature request for multiple windows support (SPARK-893), but nobody has yet provided a working patch for this.

There is no way to multiple instances of Spark.exe with the same system user. Though i think it is possible to install it in a separate folder, rename Spark.exe to something else and run it like that, but it will use the same Spark profile and it can cause problems.