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Running openfire 3.6.4 on winxp pro machine, local clients can connect but not through the net


I am running openfire 3.6.4 on a win xp machine. When running the server, I can log on to it with a client (blink3d) via a remote net page on the same computer (i.e. a page on my website, hosted by bluehost), but when I try to log on to openfire from a remote computer, the client (blink3d) cannot connect with the chat server.

I have turned off my third party firewall software (webroot destop firewall) and I have unblocked openfire with windows defender, all to no avail. Client running on another machine cannot connect to the server.

Could this be an isp issue? Verizon is my isp.

Thanks for your pointers.


I should note that I am ignorant as to internet/firewall issues so if I sound clueless, alas I am a bit.

respectfully bumping

Hi Heb,

try to use the good old telnet command in a dos bax (cmd.exe).

Enter there “telnet example.com 5221” (where example.com matches your Openfire xmpp.domain) and you must not get a connection. After 30 seconds you’ll get a timeout.

Enter there “telnet example.com 5222” and you should get a connection (black window).

If this is the case then you don’t have a firewall issue.

If you did set the Openfire xmpp.domain to an IP address (e.g. instead of an resolvable hostname you may get login problems (wrong password).


thanks for the reply!

I’m using an ip address. i’ll register with dyndns.org and see if that helps things.

as it stands, telnet failed to connect to the server (using the ip name) both through ports 5221 and 5222.


i signed up with dyndns.org, with the host:


I can ping that domain, but telnet connections fail on 5221 and 5222. Any suggestions welcome.

I have set up my firewall (webroot desktop firewall) to allow openfire to allow traffic to tcp packets with local network 1024-65535 (user) and udp packets with ‘remote’ 5222’, to no avail


is there an external router or firewall between your XP computer and the internet?

Does your XP computer have a public IP address?


I do not have a router; my computer is hooked up directly to a dsl modem.

Would my domain obviate the need for a public ip address?

I know nothing about networking. If you can refer me to somewhere where I can read up on this so as not to waste your time, let me know. Or if you think you can figure out my situation on the information I have given you, by all means fire away.



you can not route private addresses (10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x) in the internet. So you need a public address like to connect to. Your computer should have one and one should be able to connect to it on port 5222.


10-4. I got my public ip address (71.xxx.xx.xxx) but telnet fails to establish a connection with ports 5221 or 5222

Does “telnet 71.x.x.x 5222” work when you run it locally on your XP computer? I wonder whether Openfire is bound to the external interface.

no, it doesn’t. i.e.when i ‘telnet 71.xxx.xx.xxx 5222’ on the same machine, telnet fails, the dos prompt says 'Could not open connection to the host, on port 5222: Connect failed"

So you must stop and start Openfire again. You must restart Openfire every time you create a new DSL connection. If the connection is lost then also the IP address is lost and Openfire can no longer listen to it.


lg thanks for the replies. i don’t appear to know what i’m doing. i’ll get my domain up and running for the purposes of dyndns and then revist the issue when i know the lay of the land

thanks for your replies. i’ll hit the books and then update my situation.