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Running Openfire as a service on Linux


The install guide indicates that there are a couple of scripts included in bin/extra for installing OpenFire as a service on Red Hat Linux. But I just installed 3.3.2 on Red Hat Linux and although the basic install went fine, I do not see any such directory as bin/extra, much less the postinstall and openfired scripts. Do these really exist and they were just unintentionally omitted from the latest release? Or is the doc wrong? If the former, where can I get them?



Never mind. My fault for reading the documentation. Looks like it needs to be updated.

Apparently, these previously post-install steps are now part of the standard install. It appears that OpenFire was set up as a service by default … I haven’'t tested it yet, but the scripts are at least in the right places.


If you have installed Openfire by using the RPM, use:

/etc/init.d/openfire { start | stop }

If you have installed Openfire by using the .tar.gz use:

/opt/openfire/bin/extra/openfired { start | stop }