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Running Wildfire as a Windows Service

I have run the wildfire-service /install as directed in the documentation. But the service does not show up in the services list in Windows. The documentation indicates that I should be able to manage the service in this area.

“You can also use the Services tool in the Windows Control Panel to start and stop the service”

How can I get Wildfire to appear in the list of Services?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, are you sure it’'s running ?

what windows are you running ? I have Openfire 3.1.1 on NT4 as service running under a user account, and it’'s working just fine and showing in controll panel > services. Can manage from there without problems.


Yes - it is running. I am running XP SP2. I have set it up to start up on login - so that when the machine is running, it is running, but this isn’‘t the best solution. Following the directions in the documentation do not work and XP is not a new OS. I haven’'t tried this yet in Vista, but would expect it to not work there.



do you try this is a user without admin privileges?


No - I am the admin when I do this.



Have you restarted your computer?

I believe I had the same problem, and after reboot, Wildfire was shown as a service…

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