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Running wildfire as non-root

On my local box I haven’‘t managed to get wildfire working as non-root. I made sure the files are all owned by the jabber user, then I run it, and it dies in a few seconds, no log files are touched and nothing in my syslog files. If I run it as root it works fine. Even if I restore the initial config file it doesn’'t start. The nohup file is empty too, any ideas?


I don’‘t know your setup, but I can give you an idea of the one I’'m using.

/home/jabber is the directory where I extract wildfire.tar.gz as user jabber, so the permissions are right. “~/bin/wildfire start” then starts the process without problems.

You could try “sh -x wildfire start” to output what the start script does. Does could help to identify the problem.


thanks for the help. Was a plain misconfigure on this side.