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S2S between 3.7.0 version dialback failing

Hi all, i’m trying to connect 2 Openfire with version 3.7.0 and is failing, i have the same setup in another Openfire with version 3.6, and is working OK, so, sniffin’ the traffic between the 2 servers that are failing, i got this:

<stream:stream xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams” xmlns=“jabber:server” to=“jb.example.one” from=“jb.example.two” xmlns:db=“jabber:server:dialback” version=“1.0”><stream:stream xmlns:db=“jabber:server:dialback” xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams” xmlns=“jabber:server” from=“jb.example.one” id=“cc388154” version=“1.0”><db:result from=“jb.example.two” to=“jb.example.one”>e6315e0242beacf1823bd9f06c14b747e8e74f13</db:result></stream:features></strea m:stream><db:result from=“jb.example.one” to=“jb.example.two” type=“invalid”/></stream:stream>

also, in the debug log, you can see something like this, but i don’t know if this matter

2012.11.29 10:31:19 LocalOutgoingServerSession: OS - Plain connection to jb.example.one:5269 successful

2012.11.29 10:31:19 LocalOutgoingServerSession: OS - Going to try connecting using server dialback with: jb.example.one

2012.11.29 10:31:19 ServerDialback: OS - Trying to connect to jb.example.one:5269(DNS lookup: jb.example.one:5269)

2012.11.29 10:31:19 ServerDialback: OS - Connection to jb.example.one:5269 successful

2012.11.29 10:31:19 ServerDialback: OS - Sent dialback key to host: jb.example.one id: 628133893 from domain: jb.elecltu.une.cu

2012.11.29 10:31:19 ServerDialback: OS - Unexpected answer in validation from: jb.example.one id: 628133893 for domain: jb.elecltu.une.cu answer:<stream:error xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams”></stream:error>

is there problem communicating 3.7.0 to 3.7.0 version of Openfire??

any help with this will be great