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S2s - conference list won''t load

I am having s2s issues. Instant messaging from another server to a Jive account was giving some problems, but that seems to have stopped. Now trying to get a conference list doesn’'t work. The client just waits, and produces nothing. The Jive Admin Server Sessions section shows that the server is connected both ways.


2005.09.05 16:00:05 org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader.java:145) Connection closed before session established


2005.09.05 16:00:56 org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader.java:145) Connection closed before session established



2005.09.05 16:00:05 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=44870,localport=5269]

2005.09.05 16:00:05 RS - Received dialback key from host: myjabber.net to: chat.example.com

2005.09.05 16:00:05 RS - Error, incoming connection already exists from: myjabber.net

Hey Father Ham,

I think that you have hit a problem of undetected dead TCP connections. It seems that the server “example.com” has an incoming connection from “myjabber.net”, that is dead, so future connections from “myjabber.net” are rejected. This problem has been reported before and a solution is not yet available.

More specific, the problem is that the TCP layer is not notifying the application layer (i.e. the Java Virtual Machine) about the dead connection so Java still assumes that the connection is valid. Once the TCP buffer is completed the notification to the JVM will be made. We are planning to implement a heartbeat and an ACK solution for this problem. This problem seems to appear mostly when using NAT or a router. Meanwhile, you may want to try changing your TCP or network configuration to mitigate[/b] the problem or download the idle time to kill idle connections. Or just manually close the connection from the admin console.


– Gato

I think this must be what you are referring to:


I’'m not sure if this is my problem, but it sounds plausible enough. The server is located in a datacenter, so is behind a switch.

Manually closing the connection doesn’'t help. This is a development server so there are no s2s sessions until I load up a client from another XMPP server and attempt to do something like get the conference list. When I do this, I get that error, and a session appears as incoming from the external server. If I close the session and try loading the list again, the same thing happens.

If you need me to do any testing let me know.