S2S Configuration

I am unable to get S2S working using Openfire. My configuration is as follows

2 Openfire Servers with the following Server->Server Settings->Server to Server Settings

  • Service Enabled

  • Never close idle connections

  • Allow anyone to connect. The domain name and the port of the other server.

I can ping the domain of one server from the other but I dont see that they are even attempting the connection. I checked the debug logs and dont find anything indicating connection attempts to the other server. Is there something I am missing ?

You should only see a S2S session if there is an active connection initiated by a client for P2P or MUC. Once the client closes the connection the session should end.

Server To Server HowTo’s may also be interesting.

Good day,

need help, regarding on server to server, do we have a video tutorial on this, sorry newbie!

Thank you so much