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S2S connection problems

I recently got an Openfire Enterprise license for my organization, and everything is working quite well, except for server to server communication. I have setup DNS SRV records for the domain it is using, pasted below:

xmpp-server.tcp.pilg.net. SRV IN 3600 Port 5269, priority 0, weight 0, hostname: supercomputer.pilg.net.

xmpp-client.tcp.pilg.net. SRV IN 1800 Port 5222, priority 0, weight 0, hostname: supercomputer.pilg.net.

Also, the server is behind static NAT, but ports have been allowed at the firewall, and connections are being accepted from clients outside the NAT.

Ports: 5222, 5223, 5269 are all forwarded

Still, I am unable to connect to any external Jabber servers (tested with google talk). This isn’‘t a huge deal for me, but I would like to get it working. Please let me know what I’'m missing.

If you are trying against two local servers, I would first remove all firewalls from the equation as that makes configuration much easier.

Additionally, do you have any errors in your error log?