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S2s DNS problem

Hi there,

I’'ve got problem with sever to server connection.

First my configuration:[/u]

In my local network I’'m running a DNS “lan.[mydomain].org”.

I also have got an ISP which host my web presence “[mydomain].org”.

Now I have made a CNAME subDNS entry “lan” by my ISP, that shows to a DynDNS Provider, so that I can access to my local network from the web via


So far so good… works wonderful…

For lan.[mydomain].org

in my local network I’'ve got the IP from my local DNS & Jabber server and when I try to resolve the IP from external computers I get the (dyn)IP of my internet connection…

So when I’‘m useing my local jabber client it’'s wunderfool, too.

Now a friend has the same configuration local dns “lan.[hisdomain].com” webspace provider “[hisdomain].com” and CNAME sub DNS entry “lan” which shows to DnyDNS…

Now if i’'m try to discover his Jabber Services over “lan.[hisdomain].com” my Jabber client (PSI) tries to discover for a long while, until it shows nothing…

Same thing if I try to add some one from his server (user.account@lan.[hisdomain].com) to my local account… nothing happens…

In my Jive Messenger log I’'ve got the following log entry:[/u]

2005.08.06 17:45:00 [org.jivesoftware.messenger.server.ServerDialback.createOutgoingSession(ServerD ialback.java:194)

] Error creating outgoing session to remote server: .com(DNS lookup: .com)

java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect[/i]

Why Jive Messenger makes a DNS lookup on “[hisdomain].com” and not on “lan.[hisdomain].com”?

“[hisdomain].com” there is no jabber server, only his ISP with his webpresence… his local Jive Messenger services his here “lan.[hisdomain].com”…

Is oure configuration so stupid?

If i try that on public jabber servers, discovering and adding users, all works fine…

Is there a reason for our problem?

I hope I could describe my problem and somebody understands me.

Ps. sorry for bad English…

From what I can tell, you are probably suffering from a recent problem Jive had with server-to-server communication and subdomains. This problem has been resolved, mostly. I am still having minor problems with server-to-server communication, but nothing preventing initial connections. What build of Jive are you and your friend running? If you’‘re not running the final release of Jive 2.2.0, I’‘d try performing a fresh install of that on both servers and see if anything changes. If you are running the final release, I don’‘t know what to tell you other than I am still experiencing some problems with server-to-server communication, so everything isn’'t working perfectly, yet.

We’'re running latest official build of Jive Messenger ver.2.2.0.

I think our settings are all correct…

It’‘s a pity that it won’'t work for us

Regardless thanks for quick answer! =)

Perhaps this debuglog entries gives more information about our problem…

this is my log (try to discover his services):[/u]

2005.08.07 11:43:51 OS - Trying to connect to lan.[hisdomain].com:5269

2005.08.07 11:43:53 OS - Connection to lan.[hisdomain].com:5269 successful

2005.08.07 11:43:54 OS - Sent dialback key to host: lan.[hisdomain].com id: d411e023 from domain: lan.[mydomain].org

2005.08.07 11:43:56 OS - Unexpected answer in validation from: lan.[hisdomain].com id: d411e023 for domain: lan.[mydomain].org answer:<stream:error xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams”></stream:error>

2005.08.07 11:43:56 OS - Trying to connect to .com:5269[/i]

his log:[/u]

2005.08.07 12:10:49 Connect Socket[addr=/[myIPaddr],port=47421,localport=5269]

2005.08.07 12:10:50 RS - Received dialback key from host: lan.[mydomain].org to: lan.[hisdomain].com

2005.08.07 12:10:51 RS - Trying to connect to Authoritative Server: lan.[mydomain].org:5269[/i]

It seems that it isn’'t a DNS problem…

But why it gets a xml stream error?

Which reason could that have??

Hey Bastian,

Thanks for posting your debug info. Could you check the warn.log file? You should see an exception in that file which will provide the reason for this problem. From your logs I can see that lan.[mydomain].org tried to connect to lan.[hisdomain].com. The initial connection was successful but lan.[hisdomain].com was not able to dialback to lan.[mydomain].org to authenticate the domain. The remote-connection-failed error means that it was not possible to authenticate the server. The most probable reason is that lan.[hisdomain].com was not able to connect to lan.[mydomain].org at port 5269 but first lets look at the exception in warn.log to confirm the problem.


– Gato

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