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S2S How-to A-Z

I have 2 wildfire on two different site with a VPN and i need to inter-connect two domain



I test telnet im.domain.local from im2.domain.local 5269 and its responding.

I test telnet im2.domain.local from im.domain.local 5269 and its responding.

In wildfire admin console i set s2s. But in the S2S session i dont have result.


Hi Benoit,

you just need to enable it on both servers and then use a client (eg Spark) which is logged in “im” and try to talk to “foobar@im2” or use the conference service conference.im2 (if you did set up DNS (SRV) records) of the other server.

Wildfire will then try to create a s2s connection to “im2”. If something goes wrong you’'ll see errors in the log files.

So if conferencing fails you should add a DNS record for “conference.im.domain.local” and “conference.im2.domain.local”. Just like jabber.org and conference.jabber.org.


Ok i setup the S2S but nothing in session S2S and how can i set the DNS SRV.

Hi Benoit,

forget about the SRV records right now, normal DNS entries work for me fine as I use only Wildfire servers for s2s testing.

So what happens if “you@im” tries to talk to “foobar@im2”? You should either get a connection or find some errors in the Wildfire log files.

And if you did get the connection then you’'ll see the s2s-session.