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Same exception for wrong password/user lockout SASL authentication failed using mechanism DIGEST-MD5:

Hi to all

Smack client connecting to openfire, gets the same error exception (SASL authentication failed using mechanism DIGEST-MD5) in

both scenarios:

  1. User(Password) error - e.g. wrong password

  2. User Locked out - e.g user is disabled from admin

Is there any way for the client to know how to handle properly these different cases ? Not sure if it is a smack case or openfire case

Thanks in advance

This is a known issue, which has been discussed here:

I don’t know the current solution though. But definitively a Smack issue.

Thanx CSH. Hope that a future version of Smack solve this.

Perhaps an admin should move this to Smack section

“authentiacation failed using mechanism DIGEST-MD5” is a generic exception message, that pre Smack 4.0 versions always throw and 4.0 sometimes throw when SASL DIGEST-MD5 failed for whatever reason. That’s why you find many topics about Smack and this error message.

The exception does not reveal the real cause why this SASL mechanism failed (if any). With (a)Smack 4.0, the situations has improved.

I Confirm that (A)smack 4 solves the problem. Doing again the test with asmac 4.0.0. RC2:

When user password error, exception= SASLError using DIGEST-MD5: not-authorized

When user locked out, exception= SASLError using DIGEST-MD5: account-disabled

Thanks Flow

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You are welcome