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Same msg trigger repeatedlly

i have implemented open-filer in my organization and using spark client. Everything is working fine

but one issue is i am facing… two day before i have broadcasted a msg to dept. after that that msg it triggering again and again.

how to stop it

Try restarting Openfire.

tried already

actully server store offline msg and trigger when you come online

i have changed defalut option store into store and drop but not worked

Can you explain again what have you done exactly (how did you sent the boradcast) and what is your issue?

It sounds like you have sent a broadcast to the whole department (both online and offline) users. Online users got it immediately. Openfire saved it for the offline users and is sending it to them, when they get online. This is the correct behavior. If you don’t want offline users to get such broadcast, then don’t send broadcast to the whole department, but only to the online users. If you don’t want Openfire to store offline messages, then change that policy to Drop. Because Store and Drop will store the messages until they reach the storage limit.

If you want to get rid of that one broadcast, you can try temporarily setting policy to Drop, Save, then change back to Store. But i’m not sure if it will delete already saved broadcast.

your are right offline users get it when they come online but how many times.

server send that one msg again and again which they have already seen/received.

i have tried what u have said but no luck

thanks for you response

Offline message should only be send once. Something strange is happening in your case. Any errors in the /openfire/logs/error and warn files?

offline message get delivered when user connects and change presence available and it gets deleted from ofoffline table so it should be send only once while you are connecting to server.

there might be some problem while deleting message from ofoffline table and it is delivered to user so when you are reconneting to server it will featch message from offline storage and it will delivered again.

you can check property value from backend(database) it should be drop against xmpp.offline.type in ofproperty table let me know after knowing this value. please upload screen shot of error log it will better to understad your problem.


I have solved this issue in client side. the problem is that Openfire sends the message with same STANZA to client . Since the stanza is stored in client messages database, on every new message event I checked the new message’s STANZA with messages’ STANZA stored in database. I ignored messages that already exist in database.

I too tried something like that , I checked the message coming is present in message list then don’t add it in chat list but this slowed down the UI response adding in android.

How’d you did that store and drop change in openfire server ?

It’s actually bad way. suppose i have millions of message records in database then i will check millions of message every-time for each message that i received from server. There should be robust way on this issue.