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Sample XIFF3 "Hello World" app


I think a good idea for this library would be to create a sample Hello world application for Flex2/3 and alike which gives noobies like me (and, by reading this board, many more) a chance to start from somewhere. For example, an tutorial with a few steps:

  • download TortoiseSVN, install it and fetch the latest SVN XIFF3 from http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/xiff/trunk

  • create a new Flex project, go to project Properties and in Flex build path / Source path, add the XIFF lib, you need to add the “src” dir

  • copy this code to your mxml to create a UI (or supply a file)

  • copy this code to an .as to create logic (or supply a file)

  • profit!

Or something like that, you see where I’m going. Then to list some gotchas (like How to deal with sandbox security?) to give the user a workable start which we can play with and you get a better community which is finding bugs, writting more tutorials (or expanding the original one) and building software with your lib.

Guys who are developing XIFF or even more advanced users would do this in about half an hour, IMHO half an hour well spent. How about it?

I’ll second that! I’ve got good need for a flash based chat window which acts like a shoutbox for forums (for example http://www.shoutmix.com/main/index.php), but Jabber based (think a flash-based Jabber client that automatically logs in a user behind the scenes, and displays only a conferece roomto place on a web page).

It’s all part of my grand master plan to try and marry Instant Messenging with web forums. Flash I can learn with persistance, XIFF is another story however, at this point…


If you can program AS3 it should not be a problem for you to use XIFF2 examples, you can easily convert them to be useful in Flex2/3.

I have attached quick and dirty flex2 version of XIFF2’s conference example. Roster can be converted the same way.
test.mxml (3432 Bytes)

Thank you, in the meantime I’ve figured out that Nick Velloff included the source with his demo so I’ve been working with that, but your code will be great to have as reference too. Thanks once again.

I just made a simple example here: