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Sanity Check?

Ok maybe I just missed something but here goes.

We are using OpenFire on an internal server ( Works great. We installed the IM Gateway so we can get off the MSN Client. We had some problems with it but it started working or so I thought. I tried the Kraken Gateway instead. It seems to be working right but every msn account shows offline even when we know that the persone is online. Do I have to setup the OpenFire on an external server visible to the world or did I miss something in the setup? I didn’t see anything saying to the contrary of just hosting it internally but it is making me wonder if that is the problem…

Thanks in advance

You should post Kraken questions at Kraken forums. Personally i have no problems with Kraken+MSN. Both my servers are on internal LANs.

Yes wroot, I was going to do that too, I was asking here as a general question about setup of OpenFire.

Since you have 2 running on internal systems that answers that question. Thanks.