Saprk no access chat external only internal

I’m trying to publish on the web I use Openfire Openfire 3.7 with spark, almost everything this workings, in the company internal spark client working correctly.

On the web Spark does not work only internal working.

Example: http://“my server” internal OK

Example http://“my server” shows the page, not access.

Information external “Not authorized. Please try again.”

Can anyone help me? Thanks Markio

I’m not sure i get the picture. So when you go to page, does it shows Admin Console login page? If it doesn’t then are you sure you have forwarded 9090 port in your external router to you internal Openfire server’s machine IP?

The console page appears.
When I put the password can not access.

when I’m internal with the same user and password access ok

Well, maybe your firewall is interferring the login process. Can’t say much.