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"SASL Authentication failed?


Im trying to find out why anytime I try to login I get a" SASL authentication failed" error message. I don’t know what it is and how do I solve this?



SASL is basically a standard for using secure authentication. My client currently uses SASL authentication between Openfire and Smack, so it should work for you. The first thing to determine is whether or not your server supports this feature, so what server are you trying to use? If your server does not support SASL, you can tell Smack not to use it through the setSASLAuthenticationEnabled method in the ConnectionConfiguration class.

Here is more information about SASL


Hey Kelly

I was facing the same problem some time back. If the server does support SASL Authentication then your problem might be caused due to using a non-existent or invalid user login.


Im using a server from school and the problem has been solved - it was a problem with login data.

Thanks both of you