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SASL fail ... with nightly build


I have do a clean installation of WildFire and add all the “.pack” files of the last nightly build in the “/lib” folder. Then now… SASL is not working.

With previous version I have no problem…

Here is the set of messages :


XMPP-Challenge :

realm=“luacgl3725”,nonce=“o3xHRulSboW3S0deM5MB0VvqAdLOJ+63BgFvO86J”,qop=“auth”,c hars et=“utf-8”,algorithm=“md5-sess”

XMPP-Response : dXNlcm5hbWU9ImNkZW1lejEiLHJlYWxtPSJsdWFjZ2wzNzI1Iixub25jZT0ibzN4SFJ1bFNib1czUzB kZU01 TUIwVnZxQWRMT0orNjNCZ0Z2Tzg2SiIsY25vbmNlPSI0ZmY1YTBhZWQwMDVhM2U0MmI5MWYyOTUwNzQ 2MDM1M TdjN2UyMzJhMmRlNTdjMjhmNWNhN2QxOTdjNTJiOGExIixuYz0wMDAwMDAwMSxxb3A9YXV0aCxkaWdl c3QtdX JpPSJ4bXBwL3Vmby16LmNvbSIsY2hhcnNldD11dGYtOCxyZXNwb25zZT0zMzI0NzVhYzA4MDkzZWZkZ TA2OTc yYTJlNmFmMGY2Yg==

XMPP-Failure: </not-authorized/>

Someone has an idea… maybe I have to test the new nightly build ?

Hey cdemez,

The not-authorized error means that the specified user does not exist of the password is incorrect. Does this error happen with all registered users? Does it also not work with the default admin user? Are you using LDAP? Which SASL method is the client using?


– Gato

I use MD5 and the registered user is correct !

It was working with version 2.5 … but this one fail


I have the problem with all the users, even the admin one and I do not use LDAP.



I have find the problem ! It is my fault and not due to WildFire 2.6 !

I have reinstall Wildfire from scracth and then forgot to change the “Domain Name”… it is why the SASL negotiation has failed !

Sorry for my mistake and thanks a lot for your help