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"sasl library too weak" (psi v.11 with Allow plaintext authentication: Never)

Using Psi 0.11, with openfire 3.4.5 on Red Hat, I am running into this error:

"There was an error communicating with the server . Details: Authentication Error: No appropriate mechanism available for given security settings (e.g. SASL library too weak, or plaintext authentication not enabled)

Psi is configured with plaintext authentication disabled, but I thought that SASL support was part of the XMPP protocol.

Does anyone know how to make openfire allows SASL authentication from Psi ? (Is there perhaps a specific SASL mechanism that needs to be enabled on the server?)

Much Thanks,

Isaac Vetter

I’m also up against the same problem, did you find a solution or does anyone else know how this can be solved?