Save client chat files for monitoring - LOGGING

I am very new to this and am trying to setup a server and clients using Wildfire and Spark. Currently testing it out to see if it will fit our group.

The question I have is: Is there a way to trace or monitor all chat files from the server or client? We would like to make sure all conversations are recorded and can be monitored.

Hi Yoojie,

At this time you have some options for logging.

  1. Use the Audit Packet Logging which comes default in Wildfire. All message packets are written to an xml file.

  2. Use the I-Ball chat logger which is an open source logging tool for Wildfire.

  3. Check out Wildfire Enterprise which comes with extensive logging, searching of messages and associated metadata.



Hi Derek,

may I extend the question on how to trace the initiation of file transfers?

Audit Packet Logging => Trace IQ Packets?

And how to trace the transfered data?

Maybe just possible with Wildfire Enterprise or even there impossible?