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Save Contact List for a reinstall


We used to use Wildfire till about a month ago and upgraded to Openfire. We made sure that we used the same config files, etc. But what we found was that all the contact lists that people added were lost from their IM clients.

Is there a way we can save or retrieve the contact lists that people used? And can we save this for reinstalls and upgrades?


You have to backup your database, otherwise it is logically lost…

What type of database are you using?

It is a good idea to make backups of all important data frequently. My server does a scripted backup of the database and all important config files every 6 hours, where a copy is stored on an other server. Every 24 hours the backup is stored on a streamer.

That would depend on the type of database you use for openfire. The embedded database is not the easiest product to extract data out of. For that reason I migrated to Mysql. Much easier to backup and restore. You should not have lost data if you did the point upgrades from wildfire to openfire. I myself made this migration with no loss of data. It is a good idea to stay relatively current with the server versions to minimize errors when you finally do feel the need to install the latest version.

emanis wrote:
the contact lists that people used?

These were the local contacts what your users have added manually in their clients? This shouldn’t be affected by the upgrade. Are you using shared groups?

Hi Coolcat and mtstravel - We used to use the internal database but switched to Oracle so that it is much ‘safer’. I guess I did something wrong and lost the data while upgrading. The upgrade did say that the tables were already there but not sure if it deleted and repopulated it. I think it might be the ‘user’ error

So, I guess any user that adds new ‘friends’ is stored in the DB and taking a backup of it will be sufficient.

To answer wroot’s question - on the clients side the friends list exists but all of them show as offline. I guess that must be becuase the required data/tables are no longer there in the database.

Thanks for the help.