Save Space within spark/which plugins store user data?


since I was looking for a solution to save space in the users folder, because even with standard plugins the sizr is about 6Mb witch could couse trouble in terminal server with several hundreds of users

For thoose who would like to test it: I used the tool linkd from the Windows Resoucre Kit tools ( -b18c4790cffd&displaylang=en) and made hardlinks to a common folder in the spark programm files.


LINKD “C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Spark\plugins” “C:\Program Files\Spark\appdata\plugins”

LINKD “C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Spark\xtra” “C:\Program Files\Spark\appdata\xtra”

This seem to work, but is not well tested so far.

So now my question; do you know if any of the common plugins stores user specific data?

(If not this should work and might help a lot of people… I hope so)