Saving alternative services

We are using the latest version of spark and are trying to access the services on another server.

For the conference server, I can enter conference.server2.domain and then I can search/use the conferences on the other server without a problem.

Likewise, if I enter the user search dialog box and add the service search.server2.domain, I can search the other userbase without problems.

The issue is that this information never gets saved.

For the user search dialog, the new search service is lost everytime I close the user search dialog box.

For the conference server, the new service stays around until I exit spark then I need to re-enter it.

So I have 2 questions about this.

  1. Is there a way to save this information (either through the spark client, or by editing some config file)

  2. Where does spark get this information? Is is “hard coded”, does it come from the server?



Looks like a dup of: