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Saving Chat script on server

Hi Team, we are using Openfire 4.1.5 server for Spark IM tool. I would like to know if there is any other way to save the chat transcript of users on the server itself rather than %appdata%. Or simply change the storage location to In our organization employees are changing systems frequently and copying their transcript is difficult and unsafe.

Spark doesn’t have support to save history on the server (Openfire or any other XMPP server). It is also known that Spark is not working well with roaming profiles and network shares, so storing history this way on a file server probably won’t work well. And Spark has no option to change location of its profile or transcripts location.

Allowing Spark to make use of server-sided stored message archives is on the roadmap though. We’re tracking it as https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1728 in our bug tracker.