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Sbs2003 SSL, certificate


1st thing: Great piece of software! It looks nice, easy in configuration, finally…

Now only one problem here…

I have a sbs2k3 box, and we want to use jive as IM, everything installed ok…

But now i want to import the certificate made by sbs2003 setup. i can export everything. I have then a .cer file.

But if i want to use it, i go to the webadmin, and there you can give your certificate…

I’'m stuck there, annybody out there that can help me??


In the SSL Guide document you can find how to import server certificates. The file is located at documentation\docs\ssl-guide.html. For more information you can follow this other link: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/docs/tooldocs/win32/keytool.html#importCmd

We are also planning to “deprecate” the command line configuration and let the user configure all the SSL settings through the admin console. This will make things a lot easier to setup.


– Gato

Thx for the info. It would be great if it could be configured through the admin console!

Gonna give it a shot now