Scalability and Clustering


The Ignite page for Openfire doesn’t seem to have any information about clustering other than some year-old info about the Connection Manager. Is the intent that scaling is handled by adding more Connection Managers, all talking to the same single Openfire server? How many users could be serviced by the Openfire server at once in this situation? Can the Connection Manager still only handle 5000 connections at once or has it been updated since the documentation was written in Jan 2009?


i would like to have an answer to this as well. i am looking for a solution to setting up a multi user conferencing server that has to be able to handle hundreds of rooms, some of which with up to 300 clients. i would like to know how far 1 openfire server could go without using a connection manager or clustering. Of course, not all clients will be talking at the same time, but still quite a few because there will be many rooms.