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We had initially started to develop a chat app with ejabberd and quickly ran into hurdles with documentation and support. I came across Openfire and was pretty impressed with the documentation and community support.

I was able to also build a OF on ubuntu server (AWS) fairly easily but I was wondering how well this platform scales? If you have specifics with AWS instances and/ or costs that would be extremely helpful. We have the basics, 1-on-1/ group chat, presence, photo and video will be only sent thru as a link after uploaded to the cloud (s3). No voice or video conference as of yet.

Thank you in advance!


Hi, i have just created this doc trying to explain issue with such questions Explanation: scalability, system requirements There are a few synthetic tests links in there. I don’t remember anyone sharing specific data about AWS setups.

OT: it blows my mind hearing that ejabberd has worse documentation and support I guess support is mostly for the paid version, but documentation still should be better (for a commercial product).

Thank you for those details… it was very helpful! I was reading in this thread some other details as well… 200K users per server… 300K users per server… How many connections can Openfire handle?

Do you happen to know if there is a limit of server you can cluster with Hazel?