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Schedule Broadcast


We would like to schedule broadcasts at specified times to different user groups in Openfire. Is there an easy way to do this?

Been trying to figure this one out for the last week or so to no avail. Tried the script provided by this post, but haven’t been able to get the script to work (perl errors). The ability to schedule broadcasts or better yet, send broadcast messages from the command line would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows how.


I expect that this script does still work but it uses the server broadcast which sends the message to every user. To send messages to groups you may want to use the broadcast plugin and write a Smack based client application which you start with cron.


Found this link which has instructions for Modifying the Protocol.pm of Net::XMPP. It did the trick, at least to allow me to use sendxmpp to send messages. From there it looks like a simple shell script and cron can do the rest.