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Screenshot function / sending screen problem


we have trouble with the screenshot function at a client. We tried 2.8.3 and also downgraded to 2.7.7 again. If the user tries to send a screnshot, it doesn’t work correctly. Spark “zooms” in the Desktop so that e.p. you cant send what is in the right corner because you cant capure the whole screen. I dont know if it’s important, but the user has 4k resolution screen. We also tried to reproduce the error at an other client with 2k resolution, but that work as aspected I searched for a solution in the forum, but didn’t find one, maybe you can help me.

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I have no solution (as well as a 4k monitor to even reproduce it or test a possible fix). Filed this as SPARK-2026 for now.

Sorry for late reply, but we found the solution a few days later. The Windows “Zoom” 150% was the reason for the screenshot spark behaviour. After it was changed to 100 % problem disappeared. So no 2k/4k issue

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Thanks for the update. I have updated the ticket https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2026
Do i get it right that this is happening on Windows 10 when you set it to something like 125 or 150% in display settings?

Yes, exactly