Screenshots and linux

I just began using/experimenting with the Spark client. I discovered the ‘‘send a picture of your desktop’’ feature and have been toying with it. The feature works great with Windows. Does the feature work with linux? If so, how? Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac, but does that feature work on a Mac?


Hi Nathan,

Yes, the ‘‘send a picture of your desktop’’ feature works on Linux as well as on the Mac through the use of Java’'s Robot class that, among other things, gives developers the ability to capture certain parts of the screen as an image.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for the information! Now to figure out what isn’'t configured right in my linux disto…

I have been struggling with getting the screenshot feature working on fedora core 4 and the Xorg windows display. According to Sun’‘s documentation on the Robot class, I need to make sure that extensions to allow the use of the java.awt classes are installed and enabled. My main problem is I’'m not sure which extensions would be required by fedora and Xorg. I have all the libraries and development packages installed for Xorg.

What is happening is when I open a chat window and click the button to take a screenshot, the main Spark window minimizes and the chat window goes away.

I am getting no errors in the error log. Is there some way of increasing the log level so that I can get some detail on where it is having issues? I am pretty familiar with linux, but am lacking in the java knowledge department.


Hi nghill,

Are you using the latest Spark (2.0.7)? There is much better error handling in the Screenshot code to allow for just such an issue.



Hi Derek,

I am using the 2.0.7 client. I am in the process of trying to build from svn as well.