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Script changes in latest Nightly Build?


I’‘m experiencing high CPU load with Wildfire 2.5.0. I’‘ve searched the forums and I believe I’‘m hitting the SASL bug so I’'d like to install the latest nightly to get this fixed.

I’‘ve downloaded wildfire_2006-03-06 and am looking at the upgrade process. I’'m actually running wildfire supervised using daemontools and am using a patched version of the wildfire script (with the extra “foreground” option).

Have the startup scripts changed since v2.5.0? For example, this is the content of my wildfire 2.5.0 bin dir:



wildfire <- my modified version of wildfire

wildfire.orig <- original version of wildfire

This is the content of the nightly build:




wildfire.sh seems to be completely different to the wildfire script in 2.5.0.

Do I need to adapt my installation to use the new script?

Also, is this new script relatively stable, or is it likely to change much before the next release?




The current code in SVN is quite stable – the release is actually coming out on Thursday.

The script in the nightly build is indeed totally different from what is in the installers. That’'s because the script with the installer gets built by Install4J, but we hand-built wildfire.sh.

Two options:

  1. Use wildfire.sh if it works well for you. We’'re actually considering making it the main script so would welcome feedback on it.

  2. Use the script from 2.5.0 to launch the server.



Thanks for the reply.

Can I just confirm - the wildfire script from 2.5.0 will work OK with new versions, i.e. the 2006-03-06 nightly and the upcoming release?