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Script for creating and deleting users (or something like that)

is there anyway to automatize creating and deleting users (like a script perhaps)? or the only way is to do one-by-one on the web console?




Have a look at the userImportExport plugin located at http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp

it may be what you are looking for.


thanks for the plugin.

the export is ok, but what about the import? the archive must be the same as the import?

i mean, i could make an script for generate an archive like the export and them import it? just like that? and the time, how do i calculate the time of the creation?

for now it’'s just that




I am not fimiliar with the format of the script file, perhaps its something that should be added to the documentation for the plugin.

However heres a simple trick, add one or two users to your system and export them using the plugin, then you will have the correct format. After that its a question of filling out the remaining 998 users


yeah, that is what i’‘ve tryied to ask you, if doing that i could import an archive in the same format that it exports. but i guess you don’'t undestood me, sorry about my english and thanks for all the help.



Hi Rodrigo,

I will work on improving the plugin documentation so the import/export file schema is easier to access; if you need a copy of it please let me know. Also, if you look at the readme that comes with the plugin you will see this in the migration section:

To import user data from another instant messenger system using the plugin, the import file must conform to the messenger-user-schema.xsd.xml schema file (located in the classes directory). When importing a user data file the plugin will first validate the file against the schema file." If the plugin cannot validate the import file the user data will not be imported.

Hope that helps,