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Search 1.4.3 service unavailable through http-bind on Openfire 3.6.4

Hi all,

I’m getting “service unavailable” response while sending “jabber:iq:search” stanzas through http-bind (Openfire 3.6.4, Search 1.4.3, Linux). Got search plugin reinstalled, *.jar deleted, OpenFire restarted. Found similar topics on the board, suggesting Search 1.4.0 version instead , haven’t tried this 3 year old solution though… In Admin Panel Search and Advanced Search sections are available and works fine.

System Properties say:

plugin.search.serviceEnabled - true,

plugin.search.serviceName - search,

Users are allowed to search, service discovery, however, does not discover any “search” service running.

Any advise would be very appreciated.

Anyone ? Does Search plugin actually suppose to work with http-bind ? any known issues or “freakwently made mistakes” ?