Search Busted?

Is anyone else able to do a search and get any results? Certainly searching for “Openfire” should give at least a few hits.



Confirmed search is not working on the community right now.

Works now. It’s probably Daniel doing some improvements to a site

Hey Wroot,

Thanks for noticing that the search is working again. It was probably a case of where Clearspace was rebuilding its indexes; although if that were the case it would be nice if Clearspace would let the user know what is going on.



Nah, it can’t be the product … I’m guessing user error - don’t the two of you know how to search?


Hi Dawn!

I only hang around for snarky comments … Hi Todd

I hope you got my well wishes on your latest endeavor, that I posted on your site. If not good luck, and you will be missed…

I did get all of the well wishes from you, wroot, Daniel, and others, and thank you so much. It’s always hard to leave when you are so involved in the community, as evidenced by the fact that I still lurk here on my free time

Hey, but you must still have all magic powers I see you still have jiver icon on you