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I’m using Spark 2.8.1 running on Win7 64 bit with Openfire 4.0.3 running on OpenSuSE 64 bit. Trying to understand what’s wrong with Search Plugin - search just doesn’t work here (at the same time it works thru Pidgin). If I type anything in QuickSearch field - result is nothing.

I’m waiting for search to be able to do search via Username, Name, Lastname and Email fields in LDAP. My settings for ldap.searchFields are:


That’s not an AD I’ve checked thoroughly all LDAP mappings - they are OK. I have all of mentioned fields populated with data (OK - almost all, at least for my own account they are populated)

What’s wrong with Spark? Any ways to debug it? Unfortunately can’t find any detailed enough documentation for both Openfire and Spark so have to ask here.

I’m not using LDAP, but with non-LDAP the search is working for me in Spark. When you do a search and it opens a new window, does it show search.server service in the Search service: field?

You can enable debugger in the Advanced menu on the login screen and check the incoming/outgoing traffic.

Yup, it does.

Will try to do some debugging, thanks.

Tried both Windows and Linux clients - it seems like Spark receives search result (at least it receives appropriate XML as a query result) - but shows nothing in search result (Pidgin receives same XML but results are here, no problem). I’ve attached result XML, can you check it, plz? (642 Bytes)

It doesn’t say me much. I’m not a developer nor have experience with LDAP.

What is the encoding for non-English values returned from LDAP server? Mine using Base64 encoding - so probably the root cause is here, Spark is not able to decode what he get?

Same problem here. Any solution?

No solution so far, but i have filed this as SPARK-1873 Search doesn’t work with AD integration - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Another user has reported that using Search plugin 1.7.0 instead of the latest 1.7.1 makes the search work again.
search 1.7.0.jar (48622 Bytes)

There was a fix for search issues recently Anybody care to test with nightly build if maybe this issue is resolved also?

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Hey wroot! I tested this new Spark release in here today and search works again. Thank you so much!
I’ve noticed there are 2 icons on chat window for gaming. Is there any option for deactivating them during on installing? And is there any way for setting Encryption Mode option in Security tab during on installing? I’m thinking about creating an answer file for silently install Spark with these options by default. Is it possible? Our computers are running Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

Not during the install, but you can deactivate them via file. But you will have to modify this file for existing users. I had one game already blacklisted a few years ago when deploying Spark in the default file that i distributed to new users. E.g.

deactivatedPlugins=OTR, Reversi

Or you can modify the spark.jar and distribute it to users, but you will have to do that for every new version.

Same with the encryption mode. It is set in and it is a user setting. No way to set it other way. So you should either edit their file somehow or instruct them what to do on their first login.

Anyone else care to test the latest nightly build and tell if search is working again with LDAP?

Be warned that this version has bugs and is not ready for production, you can just test if search is working and go back to 2.8.3.

Scratch that, looks like search is not working at all in current builds after Smack 4.3 update. Will have to fix that first