Search failing between servers


I have built two Centos 5 Openfire 3.6.4 servers which reside in the same subnet.

Each server authenticates to a different Active Directory server.

I need to get server to server searching working.

I have looked through the forum postings but have drawn a blank so far.

I have no firewall between the servers. Both servers can resolve each other’s full names. Both servers can telnet to the other server on port 5269

I have Server to Server Service enabled.

I have Optional selected in Server Connection Security. I have restarted Openfire on both servers.

When I try to add a search service via Spark I get ‘Unable to contact Search Service’

Anyone any ideas?




So I have resolved this on our network.

In the end all I did was add an extra entry into the /etc/hosts file for search.servername.domainname of the partner server. Why I had to do this is a mystery to me. I did have everything configured into our DNS servers as explained in the documentation. This hack is obviously overriding DNS but I don’t know why I need to do it.

Main thing is I now have a way of searching between Active Directories.