Search filter to restrict searching outside of group


Is there any way, or does anyone have the skills to make a hack, so that a user cannot search outside of their group(s)?

We are trying to setup a single instance of openfire that will support multiple businesses. Each businesses essentially needs to be in its own bubble and have no access to any other group or users in other groups.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Henry Weber

I have no skills or know about the way to do this.

But i have a question in turn. If you want them to be restricted why do you want them to do searching? It’s a bit unlogical to let them use search and by that show them, that they have freedom, but in turn you want to restrict that freedom.

One solution would be to disable searching and then add all required contacts to their rosters. I think this is more productive to have all contacts and then select whom you want to talk, than do a search to add someone and then talk. How would they know whom to search for?

Second solution is to let them Search for anyone but to restrict conversation capabilities only to their groups with Packet Filter plugin. Maybe you can even restrict them from adding contacts from other groups with that plugin. Better than nothing.