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Since I’‘m not much of an LDAP guru… or even someone who is somewhat seasons, the search filters in the wildfire.xml config file leave me a bit confused. While I understand part of it, there is part of it I don’‘t understand. To be specific, I don’‘t understand what the objectCategory and the objectClass relate to in the examples below. I think I understand the rest of it (at least to a degree that’‘s enough for my needs) but those two things I don’'t

Can someone explain the two items I just mentioned above in relation to the examples given below? Thank you.



objectClass deals with a group, or container that user names would be stored in… objectCategory deals with an actual user name or specifically giving the program what type of information it is searching for,. in this instance it is Person, (username).


What is an Objectclass?

Every entry must have at least one objectclass attribute

Defines the database schema, specifying which attributes an entry can, and must, include

Many standard classes available


Structural, with inheritance

and here’'s a weblink explaining objectCategory


Hope that helps a bit


I guess this stuff is over my head. The above search filters don’‘t work for me (I can’‘t even log into the jive admin console), but the search strings below work… but not how I want. The one below lists ALL objects (users, computers, etc), and groups are setup right. I can log in, but it’'s not the result I want for users and groups:



The information you linked to gave some information, but it was over my head in comprehension on how I would apply that for creating the proper search string to allow me to log in for starts, then populate the user list with the appropriate users only and groups.

Just to add more information, I have made some security gorups that people are part of… wfIT, wfFinance, etc. I have one group called wfAccess that’'s used for accessing wildfire. All departments are part of this group. No users as individuals are part of the wfAccess group, though. What in my original post might be wrong for my search strings to make this work? More details can be provided as needed.

added more details.

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You know what–I think I figured it out. I failed to add actual users (I had only added the various “groups” to wfAccess) to the wfAccess group. Once I started doing this, it all worked.

Consider this question answered. Thanks!

Then that would mean youare running Windows AD right? the search filters you orginally stated were setup for a ‘‘true’’ LDAP database. These are the ones that I use for my authentication. The reason that the second ones you referenced is due to the different structure. Have you searched these forums for a hint? I know that several people on here have asked basically thesame question you have and have been answered…