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Search for username capability

I’‘m new to Jabber and am seeking help as to whether xiff currently supports the ability to search for a jive user by their username or jid. What I’‘m trying to do is validate whether a username exists with a jive server before a user logs in. I would like to tell a user if their log-in failed b/c of each of the following discrete events: a bad username, bad password, or b/c they’'re not registerd.

From what I can tell right now, I can only get a response in the ‘‘auth’’ namespace that tells me the authentication failed, but not why (i.e. username vs. password vs. not registered at all).

I would like to accomplish the following upon log-in: verify username exists, if it does, then log-in. If it fails, then request a different password. If the username does not exist, then direct the user to register.

There is a jabber:iq:search namespace, but it does not return the username (only first, last, nick, and email), but I didn’'t see it supported in xiff.

Is there a way to accomplish username/jid search with the FormExtension?


username/password vallidation in general return a message that the combination does not exists, it is to minimize the risk of brute force hacking. This way you cant start with searching for a user and when you get a hit search for the password.