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Search Plugin localization file for Russian

Please check attached file. Probably that will be interested for Russian-speaking people.

Checked it:

  • works fine in Admin Console

  • works fine in Client (Pidgin and Spark)

Keys from this file might be used in ldap.searchFields: put key name here (for instance, to search via username put “Username/” in this variable, do not use “Имя/” here as it doesn’t work and you’ll get error messages in app.log about “no keys found”). If you want more fields to search thru - you have to check first if needed key exists in a file (add a new one if needed).

Russian translation must be placed in a file in form of “\uXXXX” sequence, not in a form of normal Russian words: please use “\u0418\u043C\u044F” for “Имя”. Found good encoder here
search_i18n_ru_RU.properties.zip (1959 Bytes)

Thanks for the contribution. I have filed a ticket for this [OF-1225] Add Russian translation for Search plugin - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Are you familiar with Github? Maybe you can provide this patch as a PR to GitHub - igniterealtime/Openfire: A XMPP server licensed under the Open Source Apache License. (adding OF-1225 to the PR’s title).

Hi wroot,

Unfortunately I have no idea regarding how to use Github, if you know how to do that - please do. Also if somebody could check translation (I’m in doubts regarding the quality of it in fact ), that will also be great.

Ok, i have submitted the PR OF-1225 Russian translation for Search plugin by Ivan Levshin by wrooot · Pull Request #682 · igniterealtime/Openfire · …

As for the quality. If someone finds it lacking, they can provide they own patch

Thanks a lot.