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Search plugin not working


I setup Wildfire 2.51 against my AD environment and everything is working fine except the search function from Spark. When you type a string to search and validate, it keeps animating the search icon for hours …

Do you have any clue for this behaviour ? Search function was working after setup in standalone mode and before switching to ldap

By the way, I have 9K users in AD, but only 40 returned by the userfilter, and some 50 groups returned by the groupfilter.

Thanks, Patrick

Could you post your LDAP configuration?

Hi PatrcikT,

Currently the search functionality that is built into Wildfire (which the search plugin piggybacks onto) does not use the userfilter. So, what is happening is that even though your filter only allows 40 users to be displayed searches are being done across all 9K users in your AD. In all likelyhood something is timing out before any search results are returned so that’‘s why the animated search icon never goes away. JM-508 has been filed to resolve this issue. I had planned on teaming up with another Wildfire user to work on this issue but our schedules haven’‘t allowed us to find time to work together. I think what I’'ll do in the next week or so is code up a solution myself so this issue can be resolved.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your answer. If you are looking for someone to try it, I am the guy

By the way, nice product

Hi Patrick,

Is your server public? If so, it would allow me to do some testing to see if this could also be a Spark issue. Let me know.


No sorry, it’'s only for internal use.

Thanks for the proposal

Sorry, I wrote too fast. Seems that’'s the problem is related to Spark since everything is working fine with Pandion.

Hi Patrick,

I’‘ll be intested to see what you can find. It seems very strage that Pandion works and Spark doesn’'t. Are there any error messages in your Spark log directory?



Nothing related

Interesting… have you tried any other clients other than Pandion and Spark, such as Psi and/or Exodus? I’‘d be curious to know if the problem you’'re seeing with Spark is the exception or the norm.



I have tried the search feature with Exodus and it works. Seems like the problem is specific with Spark and LDAP.


Hey ZoneV,

Could you give me an account on your server to test out by chance? I don’'t have access to an LDAP configured server. If you cannot, is there anyone else have an LDAP configured server for testing?



Unfortunately I’‘m behind a firewall and there’'s no possibility of opening ports up.

You can try OpenLdap; the configuration is not too difficult.


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