Search plugin problem


I recently installed wildfire 3.1.1 and spark 2.0.5. I set up the wildfire server to connect to a LDAP server

for the user list. When I do a search for a user using the wildfire administration console, it is fine. However,

when I try to find a user using spark, spark will return “No search results were returned by the server”. When I try the search for the same user again, spark will return “Unable to contack search service.” I have checked the setting of the search plugin. It’'s enabled. Does anyone has any clue about this weird thing?

Thanks a lot,


Exactly the same thing happened to me. The fix is to go into the plugins directory and remove the “search” directory while the server is running. Note that you should have a search.jar file there.

After removing the directory, wildfire automagically creates the search directory again with all the files that should be inside.

This is definitely a bug!

Now everything works like a charm.