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Search Plugin returns only Jid to rosters

Actually, I have two problems. One I belive that occurs only due to my locale, pt-BR (brazillian portuguese). The references are not solved, so all titles appears as variable names (see attached files).

The other is the most important: Despite the advanced search is working fine at the Console Admin, at the rosters, the only field returned is the jabber id (see attached files). Until last month, the server version was 3.3.3, then it was updated to 3.5.2, when the problem appeared, and yesterday, it was updated to 3.6.0 and the problem remains. The search plugin version is the last one, 1.4.3 and server platform is Linux Red Hat EE.

Thanks for any help.

Well, now, with release 3.6.4, the titles are OK and the e-mail is presented too. But the name of the user is still missing.

Hi Luiz,

I emailed you a tweaked version of the plugin that should fix some of the issues you’re seeing.