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Search plugin v 1.7.0

Hi! I need search plugin for openfire, but v 1.7.1 doesn’t work with AD LDAP, and I need search plugin v 1.7.0.

where I can download it?

openfire version 4.1.5

search 1.7.0.jar (48622 Bytes)

odd…i don’t have a problem with the plugin. what kind of failure are you getting and can you tell me how to reproduce it so that can test on my end?



I second to that, never had problems as well with search 1.7.1.

I’m willing to test as well.

Well, there was that report [OF-1284] Search in clients do not work with standalone database - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Hi, in OpenFire after 4.1.1 search doesn’t work - install 4.1.1 + Search 1.7.0 - it works fine - at least, for me. User from AD, MySQL DB.

this might be a mysql related issue, as I am unable to reproduce it with ms-sql or the embedded db

sooo. I just tested…fresh install of my sql, openfire 4.1.5, and attached it to my AD/LDAP. Search plugin seems to work just fine. I’m able to search from spark and from the web admin console. I’m unable to reproduce the issue.