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I have a problem and found the cause but can’t find the solution. The domain seems different. on the second screen if I add manually search.xxxxxx the search work
Where do i have to do the changes so the search work automatically?


Your XMPP domain appears to be:

In Openfire, search functionality is offered by a component named “search” The full address of the search component will be a ‘subdomain’ of your XMPP domain. In your case it will therefor be:

Thank you Guus for the quick response.
I understand it but the chat client is configured by default as you see on the screenshot (Jappix) to search directly on the main domain “” I have to manually change the domain to “” to make the search work. Same scenario is on chat client Spark to, give the error on search.
Now I have to make a change somewhere to the server to advertise “” as the default domain to search but how can i do this?


Changing the XMPP domain of Openfire (after setup has finished) is not a supported feature of Openfire. There are some people who have managed it, by manually changing database content and other settings, but I highly advice against doing this. If your server is not yet in active use, simply installing a new server might be a better approach.

Another approach would be figuring out what’s causing Jabbix to behave as it does. I’m not familiar with its workings, but it seems that something is off. Perhaps their community can help you figuring out what’s going wrong?

In fact I am not going to change the domain, I just want that Openfire advertise “” as the link to do the search. As you see on the second screenshot the server seems that advertise only for search which is wrong. if I manually change it works for that time. after close and open is still reverted to “” and give me the error on search. The problem is similar on Spark too. I suppose that this is the same root problem for both. Directly on the server works fine

As you see on the second screenshot
is for the first post not this one

Can you verify what your XMPP domain is please? You can find this information on the first page of the admin panel (Server > Server Manager > Server Information). On that page, there should be two groups of properties: “Server Properties” and “Environment”

I am interested in the values for:

  • “Server Name” in “Server Properties” (which is the XMPP domain name)
  • “Host Name” in “Environment”

Here i send a screenshot, thanks again


Is there a way for me to connect to this server (via XMPP)?

There is a persistent chat room related to Openfire where you can usually find me. This site offers a web client for your convenience: Ignite Realtime: Support - Group Chat - Finding me there might be faster than exchanging messages here.

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For future reference: this problem was caused by another plugin, that intercepted data that was addressed at the server. This caused service discovery to fail, which in turn made search “unavailable” (even though it in reality was not).

The problem was resolved by unloading all plugins, restart Openfire, and restoration of only the Search plugin.

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