Search Service && S2S

Hi all,

I’m planning to install an internal OpenFire system for my company. It’s a quite big company located in different countries. So, I have choosen the S2S method. And my question is that one.

How to search people from another OpenFire server ? For example I’m logged in the A server, located in Paris and I want to search an user from the B server, located in Moscow.

Is there is a way to make it work ? Or the search service is only available for the server i’m logged on ?

No idea ? ?:expressionless:

You need simply a client that supports service discovery of remote servers. For example Psi is such a client, but this should work with the most clients. Simply open service discovery, type the address of the remote server in the address field and press “browse”. Then search on the remote server just like it would be local.

However, when using the search service of the remote server you can only find users of that server…

Ok, thank’s ,I tried it,

I can get the services from the remote server but there’s a red cross beside the name of the services. So i can’t use it.

Is this a configuration problem ?

Is this a configuration problem ?

Probably. Between my two servers this does work.

Ok, thank’s.

I’ve changed in the S2S connection parameters to anyone in remote server allowed (on the both servers) and now it works within psi (only in one way …).

Do you have specified your remote server allowed to connect or do you specified “anyone” ?

It does work with both spark and psi but only in one way.

The server I can’t reach search service has an LDAP configured, is it the point ?

I have allowed S2S connections to anyone on both servers. I assume it should work if you allow S2S connection on server A to server B and conversely.

The server I can’t reach search service has an LDAP configured, is it the point?

Possible, but unlikely. However, I’m not familiar with LDAP.

OK, I have understood !

In fact when you add a specified remote server in the S2S config you just add the ability for users to add each other if they know by advance their JID.

If you want to specify the remote server AND to sharethe search service, just add in the both server S2S config, search.remoteserver

I have understood it while checking the remote server connected in the anyone mode.

Thank’s a lot for your help coolcat !