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Search Spark - Not Show Username and Name / Pesquisa Spark

When I try a search using the First Name it works but if have more than one user if a same first name we can’t differ between only using JID.

How can I configure the search to show Username and Name ?


What Spark version? Openfire version? Search plugin version on Openfire? Using LDAP integration?

It’s weird that it doesn’t show username. I think it should always show that.

Spark Version - 2.7.0 Build: 671

Openfire: 4.1.1

Plugin: Search | Version: 1.7.1 | Ryan Graham

Using AD Integration, working.

Some years ago I got this to work perfectly.

My environment:

I created an user inside the folder Administrator called: “openfire” to read the AD

I created an OU called SPARK_GROUPS with groups inside: Group1; Group2; Group3

Are using the embedded database or external one?

embedded database

Then you can try the latest Spark version to see if it makes any difference (2.8.3).

With 2.8.3 I couldn’t do the login.

I checked the Advanced Option: “Disable certificate verification (not recommended)” but not login.

I think better do a rollback version spark to previous.

What error do you get? You also should check “Accept all certificates” option, if you are using self-signed SSL certificate.

I put the last version to login.

But the search returns nothing, everything blank.

What is your XMPP domain name (shown on the first page of Admin Console)? Is it sparkchat.something? Why you put chat.pma.rima as Domain into Spark then? You should put the same name into Spark. This probably won’t solve your main problem though. But it would make your setup more correct.