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Search update 1.1.1


8c42fafada7ea69a9f756f7f097bb7a3 *search1.1.1.jar

8c42fafada7ea69a9f756f7f097bb7a3 *search1.1.jar


I load the new search plugin and it still says 1.1… and so does the change log.

I load the new search plugin and it still says 1.1…

and so does the change log.

I’‘m seeing the correct changelog but it looks like the plugin.xml is from the previous version. However, it looks like the all the 1.1.1 changes are there even if the version is still showing 1.1. I’'ll contact Matt and have him repost the jar. Sorry about the trouble.




I am going here via the news link on the forums:


And downloading the plugin, it says 1.1 but that plugin date looks right (might want to change the version to 1.1.1 here also). So I download this version and deleted the old version of search in my plugins folder and dropped the new one in. Then restarted the service.

So when I click the change log icon in the admin console it isnt updated.

Am i doing something wrong here?

No, you’‘re doing everything right. It’‘s me who’‘s having troubles. The version number is reported from the same file (plugin.xml) which I didn’'t check-in prior to having Matt post the new version. The revised version has just been (re)posted so try downloading and installing it again.

Hope that helps,


Hello all…

I am developing a client using VB, and using JabberCOM library. I installed lated plugin for search.jar 1.1.1.

But i am not getting the search results, or I might be doing something wrong. I get the form structure when I query for it. But I couldnt get the required search results.

when I query for form structure



Hi avya,

It looks like your search query is not quite right, it should look more like:


Notice how you have to provide both search value (var=“search”) and which fields you want to search on (Username, Name and Emai) by using a 1 = true or a 0 = false.

Hope that helps,